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Affiliate Program

If you own a web site, you can earn money by linking to us.

The holiday add-on or extras market, which includes airport parking, airport hotels and executive lounges, is growing at an estimated 15% a year. 70% of this growth is online! Why not join in this success by linking to us?

The Affiliate Scheme has been running for over five years, is a proven method of generating revenue online and offers a great range of products.

No matter what the size of your site, you can apply to join our affiliate scheme, capitalize on the growth in the market and grow your income. By linking to our site, you will earn generous referral fees every time one of your visitors buys from our site.

Key Benefits of the Affiliate Scheme

  1. There are no affiliate sign up or membership fees and getting started is easy. You could start adding links and earning money this week.
  2. We pay competitive commission rates of up to 10% (including VAT) and with average order values for parking ranging from £30 to £50 depending on seasonality, you can sit back and watch your revenue grow.
  3. Our web bookings have a conversion rate of between 5 - 30%.
  4. Your visitors will have access to a great choice of products.Woosh owns three car parks at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham and also acts as an agency for over 70 other airport car parks, around 100 hotels and 25 lounges. This ensures there is a product for everyone at the right price and reduces the need for your customers to shop around.
  5. Our products are very popular and offer your customers fantastic savings
  6. handles all of the customer service, payment and tracking of sales generated from your website meaning low risk, investment or effort on your part.
  7. Commissions are paid quarterly, on a booking date rather than stay date basis, and as payment is taken at the time of booking, it is a great way to improve your cash flow.
  8. You will have access to free technical and marketing support to increase your success in the programme.

How to Join

If you wish to become an affiliate, please click here with the below details included.


  • Your name
  • The name of your company
  • Contact details
  • Which of our products you would like to offer
  • Your web URL
  • Your estimated monthly web traffic

One of our team will then get back to you.

*Please note that Woosh is owned and powered by APH and the affiliate scheme is with them.