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Sofitel Hotels


There’s only one word needed to describe Sofitel Hotels and that’s Luxury with a capital “L”. The luxurious Sofitel Hotel chain is managed by Accor. The first Sofitel Hotel was opened in 1964 in Strasbourg, and by 1995 Sofitel could boast 100 luxury hotels in 40 countries worldwide. Joining the Accor group in 1997, there are now 161 Sofitel Hotels around the world, all unashamedly (and successfully) competing in the international luxury hotel market.

The French slogan of Sofitel Hotels is “Life is magnifique”, and if you ever have the fortune to stay at one of these prestigious hotels you’ll certainly agree.

Woosh offers Sofitel Hotels at Gatwick and Heathrow Airports and both hotels are situated perfectly at the Terminal Buildings - The Sofitel Heathrow at T5 and the Sofitel Gatwick at the North Terminal.